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Thanks for the continual whitewashing of genocide

25 November 2010

Today is a National Day of Mourning.

Here are a bunch of links on the history and mythology of ‘Thanksgiving.’

Profeminist Robert Jensen has written:

…I am afraid of what Thanksgiving tells us about both the dominant culture and much of the alleged counterculture.

Here’s what I think it tells us: As a society, the United States is intellectually dishonest, politically irresponsible, and morally bankrupt. This is a society in which even progressive people routinely allow national and family traditions to trump fundamental human decency. It’s a society in which, in the privileged sectors, getting along and not causing trouble are often valued above honesty and accountability.


In left/radical circles, even though that basic critique is widely accepted, a relatively small number of people argue that we should renounce the holiday and refuse to celebrate it in any fashion. Most leftists who celebrate Thanksgiving claim that they can individually redefine the holiday in a politically progressive fashion in private, which is an illusory dodge: We don’t define holidays individually or privately — the idea of a holiday is rooted in its collective, shared meaning. When the dominant culture defines a holiday in a certain fashion, one can’t pretend to redefine it in private. To pretend we can do that also is intellectually dishonest, politically irresponsible, and morally bankrupt.

And let’s not forget native women’s ongoing terrorization: Rape on the Reservation

So, down with Thankstaking.  Instead of celebrating genocide today, consider adding a blog about Native American, First Nations, and/or global indigenous issues to your feed reader/favorites list.

This is a fairly varied list (I recommend Pretty Bird Woman House).
Here’s a ‘top 50’ list, however ‘top’ was determined (NA Law Blog is part of the Law Professor Blogs Network, which tends to have good blogs).
Native Appropriations has been mentioned here before, as (I think) has Newspaper Rock.
I’ve just added Native Unity and Intercontinental Cry to my own feed for news.


And finally, down with Thankstaking even moreso because of the ongoing mass-slaughter of birds and the glorification of overconsumption/waste culture.

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