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Bechdel Test, TVTropes, and Microaggressions Linkfiller Post.

28 December 2010

‘Bechdel Test,’ Netflix, TVTropes:

It should come as a big No Shit to anyone who pays attention that gender representation in media is pretty important (see the Geena Davis Institute on This Subject for more on that).  I am basically incompetent when it comes to fiction-related stuff, so bear with me here.  As far as I know, this is the time of year for many northern-hemispherians to board themselves up inside and watch a lot of fiction until the Big Thaw goes down.[1]  If you’re one of said people who cares about what you’re watching at least some of the time, you may have heard of ‘the Bechdel Test.’  Here’s a list of movies that may pass the test in its most basic, three-rule form, and here’s the comic it came from many a year ago.  It should go without saying that passing this test doesn’t guarantee a profeminist movie, nor do all profeminist movies pass.  There are variations worth considering, like this suggestion that a fully-established female character end the movie alive, happy, and uncoupled.  The original test can also be reworked to examine other marginalizations or tokenizations along race, class, heteronormative, and other lines.[2]

If you’re not me and therefore a Netflix user, check out Fannie’s post on their new site filter for the handful of female directors they offer movies by.  Their page uses three different shades of ~*PiNk*~, so before you even get to the part about space travel and how your singular wine-flavored-ice-cream & PMS-psyche perspective has transformed your boyfriend from a mancave-spelunker into an amateur psychologist hypersomniac, you know it’s all about us, girls.

Which brings me, in a roundabout way (work with me, here), to TVTropes and their Always Female directory.  I don’t really have anything to say about TVTropes other than Do Not Click if you have work to do in the next twelve hours.

Other business:

For the four people who haven’t yet heard of it, Microaggressions is a neat little site, and a potentially useful resource for gluing to the eyeballs of assbrains[3] who consider it your (unpaid) duty to ‘prove’ to them that our world still has issues.  A couple of my submissions are floating around somewhere.  If anyone has suitable photos, they would be a great addition.

(Unless I change my mind,) I’m not going to write an actual post about Julian Assange, but I’m afraid that complete silence on the matter will either imply indifference or dirt under the rug.  What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape and Some Shit I’m Sick of Hearing Regarding Rape and Assange pretty much sum up my position on the media narratives going ’round.  I will say that this quote of his[4] is just about as asinine malignorant hypocritical cute as can be.  Even if he didn’t rape anyone, it’s becoming clear that he’s no ally to women.

ETA: This is A Good Post.  I’ve done (both non-US) history and feminism academically, and the paeans to agency are definitely ass-chappingly popular.

And now back to my regularly-scheduled being-distracted-by-life while attempting to write a vegan-101 post.


[1] For me, that time is summer.  It’s 54F where I am right now.  Please, dear fellow yanks, pack a box of snow to be airlifted and dropped over Texas for me.

[2] Example: Do two queer characters (who have maybe even met somewhere other than a club or art gallery) at some point talk about something besides being queer, and are those other topics not drawn from stereotypical gay (usually white, male, moneyed) interests?

[3] With apologies to sacral ganglia, which aren’t brains anyway.

[4] Linking there not to be taken as an endorsement of Jezebel.

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  1. Matthijs Krul permalink
    13 January 2011 21:01

    Oh I’d never heard of Microaggressions before. Another great site for getting ANGRY ONLINE and wasting time!

    • 27 January 2011 19:54

      It’s pretty good, except when tumblr breaks and it won’t load the page, lol.

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