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Liberals are Dumb: Matt Taibbi

3 February 2011

I’d like to start a new feature here where I occasionally round up examples of liberals being counter-revolutionary so people who rightly view themselves as actual Leftists can point and laugh.  This will be criticism of liberals from the left, so if you are a right-winger who somehow stumbled onto this site, don’t let me catch you using anything I say here as ammunition against liberals, or Democrats at large.  It’s only correct to criticize liberals from the left.  Otherwise you’re just a fool at best, and a malicious asshole at worst.

In this premiere episode, I’d like to look at something Matt Taibbi said recently.  Taibbi is a political reporter for Rolling Stone, and while he’s one of the best at what he does, he’s a Liberal Dude.  And if there’s one thing Liberal Dudes are good for, it’s being sexist pieces of shit.  For a great primer on this, see this post by Nine Deuce.  Liberal Dudes are the kind of dickbags that will advocate for things like “Equal Pay for Equal Work”, then turn around and hang out at the strip club on Fridays.  They’ll support the No on HR3 campaign, then say there’s nothing wrong with porn because everyone involved is clearly a consenting adult.  It’s that token gesture of offering a slice of full humanity to members of the Sex Class, while clearly not Getting It- and in some cases actively pursuing activities or policies that oppress the Sex Class even further.

Now, I don’t want to put words in Taibbi’s mouth, so let’s get on to his particular offense.

Matt’s been working on something that could be pretty fun to read, a Supreme Court of Assholedom, which will convene to hear cases and judge, objectively, on whether or not people are assholes.  It’s clever, and I look forward to seeing how well it works out.  What I don’t look forward to is stuff like this:

A number of writers tried the reverse-jinx strategy and made their pitch for judicial service based on an argument about what an asshole I, Matt Taibbi, am. Some were clever and some I hope weren’t, but the only one that survived the cut, sort of, was Mara Schmid, a young woman who, when told she was on a short list of candidates, sent in a sample ruling that read something as follows:

Women vs. Rolling Stone Magazine

Ruling: Asshole(s)

Points: 3000

Opinion: If ten minutes of searching your website can’t bring up one current article by a female writer, and you are a mainstream news source, you’re an asshole.  Every blog author is a man, including the tech blog writer, Scott Steinberg; every featured music, politics, culture, reviews, etc, article I clicked on was written by a man; and definitely every photo of a writer that I could find was male.

Possible dissenting opinion: Still one of the better news sources out there.  Did eventually find a slideshow article by Sarene Leeds.

I personally hate having to apologize for the maleness of Rolling Stone (I even sent Mara a letter back whining about how nobody demands Vogue or Marie Claire hire male writers), but then I immediately had a Full Metal Jacket/”Private-Joker’s-Got-Guts-and-Guts-is-Enough!” moment and decided to put Mara on the court.

Now, this isn’t really that egregious, and I’m sure some people would think I’m picking the smallest of nits, but it bears looking at.  A woman brings up an argument that Rolling Stone might be a bit sexist considering that they apparently don’t have many (if any) female contributors.  Seems reasonable, right?  Taibbi’s response is (possibly facetious but I doubt it) that nobody demands Vogue or Marie Claire hire male writers.  Le sigh.

I was immediately reminded of people stomping their feet and asking why, in February, why there’s no White History Month.  My response is usually that every other month is White History Month.  Same reason why there’s a Black Entertainment Television channel- because every other channel is White Entertainment Television.  It’s why we have Gay Pride parades, and so ons, and so forths.

If the magazine industry hadn’t been dominated by men to the exclusion of female contributors, there might not have been “women’s magazines”.  There are many “women’s magazines” out there because every other magazine is a “men’s magazine”.  If men had been (or were, since this problem hasn’t gone away) more inclusive, there wouldn’t have been a lockout on women in the magazine world, and everything would just be “magazines”.

And really, is Matt saying that for Mara Schmid’s argument to be valid, Vogue and Marie Claire, and Cosmo, and every other women’s mag out there has to hire male writers?  Does he really believe that?  Men wouldn’t let women into the Boys Only Club, so women made their own club, and now we have guys saying that no one can complain about the segregation until the Girls Only Club stops discriminating against men.  Double standard much?

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  1. 3 February 2011 12:09

    Is Rolling Stone suddenly a men’s fashion magazine and nobody told me? No? Oh. Hmmm, I wonder why he compared it to women’s fashion/”lifestyle” mags, then…

    Just out of curiosity, I looked.

    On Vogue USA’s featured stories page right now, there are ten articles, each with a header photo. Two of the articles were written by men, and eight of the photos were taken by men. Three of the articles are about men (in one case, a quasi-interview with yet another guy who wants to tell you how to stop being fat, ladies!).

    In Marie Claire’s ‘World Reports’ section (which features some actual newsworthy stuff, I was surprised to find), seven of fourteen header photos (one photographer was not named) were taken by men. The ‘Career & Money’ section continues the trend with seven of fourteen photos by men (and seven more uncredited or credited to a team). None of the articles in these two sections (there are others) were about specific men, but a couple of them wanted to know/tell you how your man is holding you back from Having It All or whatever, and one of them suggested sleeping with your boss instead.

    So, yet another example of a dude talking shit without having to back it up with five minutes of ‘research.’

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