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Liberals are Dumb: Nicole Belle, Crooks and Liars

26 February 2011

Hello and welcome to the second edition of my Liberals are Dumb feature, where we confuse the hell out of Democrats and liberals by criticizing them from the left.  The subject today is Nicole Belle, a writer at the liberal blog Crooks and Liars. She has a post about a Republican basically threatening to shoot the President.  You know, as a joke!  In it, she states:

Conservative humor never does work, does it? There’s not a lot I find redeemable about John McCain, but give the man his due, when the crazy Fox-informed supporter stood up and said that she thought Obama was an Arab, McCain did take the mike from her and chastise her for her remarks, calling Obama a decent family man. Contrast that to Broun choosing to laugh and basically validate the frustration of a man advocating assassination.

Nicole is referring to this incident from the 2008 Presidential campaign, in which an attendee to a McCain rally called Obama “an Arab”, and McCain refuted her thus:

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: He’s a…um, he’s an Arab.  He is not… [McCain shakes his head] …no?

MCCAIN: No ma’am.  No ma’am.  He’s a decent, family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign is all about.  He’s not.  Thank you.

[Weak applause]

Nicole thinks that was McCain’s commendable stance on the whole awesome “Obama is a Muslim/Arab/Terrorist thing.”  She’s not alone, there were plenty of people from all political walks of life that fell all over themselves applauding McCain for that courageous defense of Obama.  But come on, really?  I couldn’t believe when all this bullshit broke out that people, including Obama himself, thought that being an Arab or a Muslim were somehow epithets that needed defending against.  Those labels were being thrown around as pejorative terms, and instead of standing up and rejecting the premise that being an Arab or a Muslim was inherently bad, people defended Obama against the accusations by pointing out that he’s a Real American and a Good God-Fearin’ Crischun’.

It blew my mind that people– liberal people, who should fucking know better– ignored the racist elephant in the room, and treated those accusation as if they were worthy of debate, rather than relentless and ruthless ridicule.  Why did it take a war criminal to show people the correct response:  So what if Obama was a Muslim, or an Arab?  Why didn’t McCain, and the liberals that applauded him, stand up and say “Hey, calling someone an Arab as an insult is fucking racist.”  I guess we’re cool with Arabs knowing that we don’t consider them “decent, family people.”

Only in America could the “leftist” political party think that all that is a valid response to being called an Arab.

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