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Seven (or more) Links in Sunny June

27 June 2011

No, we’re not dead.  I’ve been working on a couple of new posts, but due to life and stuff, it’s been taking longer than anticipated to get through the source material.  Have some links in the meantime:

Vegan Animal Liberation Alliance, which I just stumbled upon (but not StumbleUponed) recently, has an old post up called “If you start a debate with ‘I fight for animal rights, but I’m no vegan’ don’t expect applause.”  We at tFFP agree.  VALA also linked to this article about veganism being essential but insufficient at Negotiation is Over.

Al Jazeera English reports on “Criminalising Palestinian solidarity” among US supporters.  From the article (sorry for not blockquoting, but it would bust up my flow): “Travel for [educational and activist] purposes should be protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.  But a year ago the US Supreme Court decided in Holder vs. Humanitarian Law Project to dramatically expand the government’s definition of what constitutes material support for a foreign terrorist organisation.  Now the government considers travel to places like the West Bank and Colombia to be a predicate or justification for opening up an investigation and issuing search warrants to raid activists’ homes and seize their belongings. Political speech if made in a ‘coordinated way’ can be construed as material support.”  In addition to being fucking depressing and awful in general, the broad-brush bullshit of going after activists and dissenters reminds me of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (some analysis of the AETA at Green is the New Red for those who are curious).  Doing effective activist work sure skeers the US government.

– Via RacialiciousAustralian Minister Penny Wong calls out David Bushby for actually meowing at her IRL.  According to one of the commenters, Wong has some pretty problematic stances, but this particular thing she did was A Good Thing.  Bushby’s bullshit fauxpology can be found in the related videos on twitvid.

Mujeres Libres has posted a list of articles by and on Zapatista women.  Really, really worth the read.  If you can’t decide where to start, I went with “EZLN: The Women’s Revolutionary Law” listing demands for women’s rights and “What Price is Dignity?“, an open letter from Subcomandante Marcos to Cecilia Rodriguez after men gang raped her because she did activist work while being a woman.

American Indians in Children’s Literature calls out an NYT interactive mapping feature that counts all indigenous/NA/First Nations people as “other.”  Even when that ‘other’ is 96% of the population.  I’m fucking verklemmt of an angry sort.

– In On whiteness, “radical” identities, and the consciousness of bloggers, white pro-radfem Julian Real addresses white privilege/supremacy within feminist blogs and how white women can oppress POC just as men of all races can oppress women of all races.

– For those of y’all with your fingers on the pulse of today (what the hell is a radio?), Crunk Feminist Collective has a discussion going about Rihanna’s “Man Down” video, in which a woman shoots her rapist and ponders on that course of action.

– At Invertebrate Party, which I also just found via something or other, is an anecdatal post about how women aren’t supposed to take up space.  I can totally relate, except that I’ve never been remotely tall or fat ‘enough’ to be policed for that in addition to having the gall to be female in the presence of others.  Being five-foot-nothing results in its own special collection of bullshit, though.

Cordelia Fine, whose book Delusions of Gender was featured here a couple of months ago, made a post on science and straw feminists.  And for once, the comments are mostly readable. Like this one: “In 1910 Helen Thompson Woolley reviewed research into psychological differences between gender groups, and suggested: ‘There is perhaps no field aspiring to be scientific where flagrant personal bias, logic martyred in the cause of supporting a prejudice, unfounded assertions, and even sentimental rot and drivel, have run riot to such an extent as here.'”
– Via the last link, have the Bem Sex Role Inventory, lol.  See how well you conform to early 1970s gender regulations, for science or something!  (I scored 62.5 masculine points, 33.3 feminine points, and 52.5 androgynous points out of 100 each.  Whoops!)

Barney Frank and Ron Paul shock the shit out of people by coming together to take cannabis off the US’s controlled substances list.  This is one of the most reasonable and legitimate ideas to pass through the US government in like forever, and will therefore crash and burn.  But it’s still pretty cool.

I wanted to pick a post from Angry Marxists to share, but there are too many good ones, so just go and browse!

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  1. ragingvlad permalink
    6 July 2011 18:29

    Thanks for the link to our blog, comrades!

    We’d also like to say we aren’t dead, we’ve just been “busy”. But we have some good stuff in the works, we promise!

  2. irateadri permalink
    6 July 2011 18:30

    Thanks for plugging the Angry Marxists blog, EDB! We’re all big fans of TFF.

  3. 7 July 2011 11:39

    Hello! There are certainly no marks against anyone for not updating in a while. Being blog-dead is basically my favorite hobby lately.

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