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Down with Columbus, Down with Dynasticism!

10 October 2011
Protest banner reading "Christopher Columbus - The Americas' First Terrorist -"
Pictured: Two men holding a large banner that says, “Christopher Columbus – The Americas’ First Terrorist –”  Photo from Indian Country Today Media Network – Native Film Tackles Columbus Day Issues:


Usually we don’t do holidays around here.  However, there are some so vile, so nauseatingly pervasive and sanitized, that we would be failing in our responsibility as allies if we ignored them.  One of these is Thankstaking.  Another is ‘Columbus Day.’

It shouldn’t be necessary to explain why Columbus Day is a bullshit holiday celebrating a horrible legacy of exploitation, genocide, and total non-discoveries, but here are some links just in case.  (Note: some of those links contain links of their own that are definitely worth following through.  Just sayin’.)

"We Are Still Here" poster from
Pictured: A Turtle Islander in a t-shirt and jeans with his eyes lowered and his arm around a white horse. Text above reads, “We Are Still Here.” Text below reads, “”

(Turtle Island.)

ETA: Feminist Activism – Day 5- Native American Women’s Activism (via Shakesville)


In happier news, today is also the centennial of the Wuchang Uprising (celebrated on a national level as Shuāng Shí Jié in Taiwan, but also remembered in the PRC).  This uprising is typically used to mark the end of China’s dynastic era, though the actual Qīng Dynasty hung on for a few more months.  The end of dynastic rule is certainly a good thing!


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