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Racism and Nationalism in Europe Newslinks

18 November 2011

Two posts in one day OMFG.  Don’t count on it ever happening again.

Today’s linkdrop is Racialicious’s Race and Europe Link Round Up – 11-18-2011 by Flavia Dzodan.  I want to draw particular attention to the Guardian’s interactive map, Europe’s ‘nationalist populists’ and far right.  Some countries have two nationalist parties!  How lovely!  Hilarious how a few of the parties are called ‘freedom’ something-or-other.  Yawn, nationalists.  All of the parties are anti-immigration to some extent, particularly for Muslims and suspected* Muslims.  I’m not familiar with many specific parties in Europe beyond the UK, but certainly the map isn’t all-inclusive.  From 15 grueling minutes of Wiki research, other racist/anti-immigrant nationalist parties include Portugal’s Partido Nacional Renovador, Poland’s (particularly anti-Semitic) Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski, and Switzerland’s SVP/UDC.  The first two have gained only a tiny percentage of votes, but that’s also the case with some of the parties included on the Guardian’s map, so I’m not sure why they were excluded.  Not that there would be room in the graphic for all the nationalist parties and movements in Europe.

Anyway, fellow USians, I implore y’all to keep up with racist trends in other white-dominated countries and adjust your scope of anti-racist ideology accordingly.  Decenter the US!

* If it’s not clear, by ‘suspected,’ I mean people racists assume to be Muslim based on skin, language, etc.

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