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I’m not going to say anything about Kim Jong-il or the DPRK

21 December 2011

…and I wish that other people who don’t know what they’re talking about would do the same.  Or at least put up a disclaimer about not actually knowing what they’re talking about.  Now here is a nice, soothing image for all of you.

DPRK poster promoting pomiculture
Image: DPRK poster of a woman picking pomegranates. Caption reads, “More fruit through the promotion of pomiculture!”   Image and translation from North Korean Posters: the David Heather Collection.



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  1. skepoet permalink
    21 December 2011 20:14

    It is irking to see people (both pro- and con-) talk about a regime to which they know very little. Living in (South) Korea distorts it too, but it is easier to get decent inform there. Still all the chatter on this amounts to nothing–I neither defend the DPRK which has taken communism out of its constitution–nor do I think that most Western attempts (read: American) to take advantage for this for imperial reasons should be tolerated.

    That is all.

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