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what MRAs don’t get

2 January 2012

Whiny dudes who complain about how bad men have it in this world are correct about some things. Western society does dictate that men must be tougher at all times than women, so men get tasked to do things like be the sole earner of the family income, or to perform dangerous work like law enforcement, firefighting, military combat, and construction. The thing that these Men’s Rights Activists miss is that there’s a name for the cultural paradigm that defines these gender roles, and it’s called The Patriarchy. No, that doesn’t mean that only men are responsible for its implementation and continuation- some women perpetuate it too. Some women even perpetuate it willingly! It does mean if getting rid of those rigid gender roles is your primary concern, you should feel a natural, if only conditional, alliance with other groups and activists who also want to stop the Patriarchy and the harmful gender roles it locks us all in to. Guess which group that would be!


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