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things idiot nerd dudes do

9 January 2012
im a big dorkwad babby wahhh

1) Refer to women as “females”

2) Whine about PC GONE MAD, I TELL YOU

3) Passive aggressively make spambots to “inform” people who are getting called out by the only decent community in the stinking, reeking cesspit also known as Reddit

4) Feed into the bullshit strawman fantasy whereby whiny-ass internet dorkwad dudes tell each other than Feminism is all about, like, thoughtcrimes, mannnnnn

That’s the main thing for me, that these jagoff turdlords try to act like their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS have been abridged when you call them out for being disgusting or creepy, or they go even further like Captain Crappypants up there and accuse you of policing their very thoughts. They usually couch their defense in terms like “biology”, “hard-wired”, “evolved”, and other evo-psych nonsense to justify why they act like slobbering jackals anytime someone commits the crime of being a woman on the internet.

It totally ignores the fact that most feminists would probably be totally ok with the huge first step of sexist idiots just keeping it in their pants- think whatever the hell you want to think, but have the good sense and common decency to keep it to yourself.

Nobody cares what’s going through your teenage dipshit brain– so just shut the fuck up about it.

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  1. 9 January 2012 11:41

    Ugh, I can’t stand the calling women “females” thing.

    • 9 January 2012 12:08

      It brings out such awful, pseudo-scientific, David Attenborough-like vibes.

      “See here the wild human female as she cautiously approaches the watering hole surrounded by the men…”


  2. emiy permalink
    9 January 2012 23:25

    Oy the entitlement, it is indeed wearying. My guy & I (we console game together) think that they’re clearly just power tripping because the internet gives them a platform & power they don’t have IRL. It just exposes their immaturity to the world of course.

    Also “jagoff turdlords” . . . I lol’ed

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