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what’s racist, precious

10 January 2012

One of the best reasons that Obama-supporting liberals have come up with to discredit Ron Paul as a serious presidential contender is the fact that- *gasp* -he might be a racist!

Obama is conducting civilian-slaughtering drone campaigns in several countries at once, going so far as to murder an American citizen and his teenage son whose crimes seem to be Criticizing America While Muslim. Americans are out there conducting terror campaigns against people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, (most likely) Iran, and who knows where else. You know where you don’t see drone strikes happening? The United Kingdom. Sweden. Norway. Germany. Australia.

Ron Paul probably is a racist, based, if nothing else, on him being an old white man from Texas. But so is the President. The person who sits in the Oval Office is the leader of a global empire hellbent on showcasing aggressive military intervention in the Middle East. Voting Ron Paul won’t change that, but neither will voting Obama.


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  1. William Richardson permalink
    13 January 2012 12:17

    Wow, nice and to the point. As a black socialist here in America I fully agree with this. Being racist is not about what you say, but your support for the supremacy structure which can include what you say. By that metric both of them are no more better to me than the Klan.

    • 13 January 2012 13:04

      Yup, exactly. On one hand you have the flagbearer of a racist domestic agenda who is only accidentally correct in his criticisms of American projection of imperialist might. On the other hand, you have a man who wholeheartedly believes the application of that power onto the rest of the world is a good thing. To liberals, supporting one is awful and supporting the other is a moral imperative. Makes perfect sense, to somebody.


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