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What I’m Eating

26 April 2012

I hate cooking.  I hate preparing food at all.  The lazier it is, the better.  But I’m willing to put in a little effort if it’s nerdy enough.

Case in point: Vegan Yum-Yum’s Hasperat–a Star-Trek-themed food that isn’t even a pain in the ass to make.  I do a couple of things slightly differently.  While the cucumber and carrots are hanging out in the sauce, I cover one side of the tortilla in hummus and heat it in a pan for a minute or two.  Instead of hot sauce and black pepper, I put a line of wasabi paste down the center of the tortilla.  I always put on enough wasabi to melt my whole face.  This is not necessarily on purpose.  Sometimes I’ll microwave the cucumber and carrots for a few seconds.  I pack the tortilla like a burrito and then sort of flatten it rather than folding it because of what happened the first time I made it.  This would probably taste just as good served cold, but then it wouldn’t be authentic (lol) hasperat.

Overall, it’s a little messy and sometimes I don’t want to take 10-15 minutes to prepare anything (food-lazy… seriously), but it tastes good and is cheap enough that I’ll probably make it a semi-regular lunchy thing.  In other words,

Quark Licking the New Rules of Acquisition

(Image: Quark licking the New Rules of Acquisition in order to discover its secrets)

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  1. Matthijs Krul permalink
    30 April 2012 18:36

    That picture is me, irl, after every new book purchase

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