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“Accept the Consequences”

26 July 2012

This month has been a bit offline-busy for me and next month is going to be even busier, so my pretendpost today is a quote taken from More Left Than Thou’s “On the Libyan Conflict” that’s been sitting on my desktop waiting for me to write something about it for fully eleven months now:

The next big propaganda push came in 1986 with the disco bombing in Berlin that killed 2 US soldiers and one civilian. The US was so convinced that Qadaffi had orchestrated the attack that a mere 10 days after the bombing Reagan ordered the bombing of Libya in which 45 soldiers and 15 civilians where killed including Qadaffi’s 16 month old daughter. 158 medals where [sic] awarded for the bombing campaign. Responding to the report of Libyan civilian deaths, a Reagan official stated that as long as the Libyan people follow Qadaffi they must “accept the consequences”.  [The quotation comes from page 281 of William Blum’s Killing Hope.  That page can give more context for the quote, but unfortunately page 282 can’t be previewed.]

I’m reminded of that time when Ron Paul said “they attacked us because we’ve been over there … we need to look at what we do from the perspective of what would happen if somebody else did it to us” [1:30 mark] and people reacted as if he had just whipped out his dick and pissed on reincarnated Jesus in front of god and everyone.  He’s a racist and his beliefs are bad and most of his politics are bad, but nobody could handle entertaining a reasonable connection between two or three historical dots for two or three fucking seconds.  Consequences are for brown people, hello!

Accept the consequences.  US hypocrisy and exceptionalism never cease to be fucking gross and infuriating.


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