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Things That Need to Stop: Sexywhatever Halloween Costumes

19 September 2012

Joining the shit-ranks of the Pocahotties and, well, all the other spray-paint-on-plastic-wrap quality Halloween costumes for women, Jane Doe DOA Body Bag (via Shakesville).  Because, ladies, you must be fuckable even in death.  If anybody in the entire world is able to figure out what the fuck your impressively generic plain black longshirt costume is supposed to be.

That’s all I have to say.  I can’t even believe I’m making a post about a Halloween costume, of all things in the grand cosmos I could make a post about, but my god, just look at it.  Actually don’t, because going to that site feels like gently dipping your computer into a vat of liquid shit being stirred by a leering guy who keeps spitting into it.  I’m going to go look at birds or something now.


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