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Music Break: Help a Comrade Out

19 October 2012

Normally I try not to enjoy a song too much before I find out what the lyrics are, in case they’re shit.  Not shit like “she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.”  Shit like oppressive.  But a few years ago I found myself immediately unable to not love Salif Keita’s “Bolon.”  Here’s a live version of it that’s, aside from the dumpy audio quality, even better than the album version:

So my request to you, internet, is to help me translate this song.  I lost all my google powers and can’t find it.  I definitely don’t think it’s going to do much oppression-reinforcement, but I still prefer to know what I’m listening to.

Any help at all is much appreciated.


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  1. 21 October 2012 20:08

    I’ll probably be made fun of for the recommendation but if you happen to like Alanis Morissette her new song Women Down is pretty good…

    • 22 October 2012 12:10

      Yeah, the lyrics are good. Somehow I missed Alanis, and the whole 90s feminist music thing, actually, and couldn’t get on the boat after that. I’m glad it all exists, but I guess it’s a bit too light-alt-rocky for me to really get into.

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