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For real, the snow is coming in sideways right now.

31 January 2013

From like -12c before windchill last week to 14c yesterday to an expected -4c plus wind up to 90 km/h today?  That’s my humid continental climate!  I’ve missed you!

The difference between Toronto and other places I’ve lived is that I’ve gone a week and a half so far without a WHERE’S YOUR GLOBAL WARMING NOW?

Seriously though, I know that certain climate regions inherently have more drastic weather changes than others, and that a few datapoints don’t prove or disprove climate change, but shit is getting ridiculous.  In the past five years, I’ve lived on both edges of northern Illinois, London, south central Texas, and now Toronto.  Within that time frame, all of those places have broken temperature records and/or have been hit by weather–snow storms, heat waves, drought, floods–that killed people and seriously affected the place’s ability to function because that weather has been so uncommon historically that there was no reason to establish safeguards against its effects.  I’ve never been a climate change denier, but I imagine that I’d have a difficult time maintaining that belief after experiencing such extremes of weather fuckery for myself.

Well, this was intended to be a lighthearted post at first, but since I’m clearly no good at that, let’s go full-on doomsday with it:


[Video: Climate change is simple: David Roberts at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege]

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