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About the Blogroll

The hard part about having a complete and internally consistent ideology is that there are lots of issues to consider on a day-to-day basis.  That’s why this blog exists- to showcase ideas that not only work well on their own, within a limited basis (say, on socialist grounds alone), but work within other frameworks as well.  We believe it’s important to be able to apply the same sort of principles from one area to all the others.  That’s why the same ideas that lead one to feminism should, we believe, lead one to veganism, and socialism, so on and so forth.

That said, not everyone Gets It.  There are a few, by our reckoning, that have successfully integrated ideas about “total liberation” into all aspects of their ideology, and those people are definitely models for our own writings.  However, just because someone hasn’t been able to arrive at the “correct” conclusions in all areas of consideration doesn’t make them wrong about the particular issue they’re discussing.  We still believe that those writers have opinions that can be valuable, if applied in the right areas of the “Fivefold Framework”.

So, it should be understood that just because we link to a certain blog, we’re not necessarily endorsing all of the ideas that person has ever put forward, but typically it means that we agree with the primary concern of that writer.  We will, however, show disdain for those who aggressively deny some aspects of our ideology, no matter how right they are about their pet issues.  Bill Maher, to name an example, is pretty correct about how stupid religion is, but he’s also an intensely misogynistic piece of garbage, and thus won’t be looked upon favorably here.

With that in mind, enjoy the blogroll, and feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

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