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About Us

The Fivefold Path is a somewhat-facetious reference to the five umbrella concepts (anti-racism, atheism, feminism, socialism, and veganism) that, in conjunction, will fix our busted-ass planet.  We’ve listed them in alphabet-hierarchy in order to avoid listing them according to a more subjective one.  The five-pillar model is intended to be a hip, swanky extension of the intersectional sexism/racism/classism trifecta of subjugation and discrimination that’s been part of the radical analytical framework for the past few decades.  Regular posts are made in reference to one or more of these issues.  Our posts are happy coexisting as a mixture of unprompted essays and responses to the hot topics of the day or month or whenever we get around to them.  It’s mostly social activist issues, but also the occasional cool science stuff, because science stuff is cool.

About the Authors

EDB – I’m Emily.  I was born near Chicago in 1985 into a Republican family.  My family background is white and working-class, though neither of those descriptions is entirely true.  My path to veg*nism, queerness, and atheism started to take off at about 13, with the other stuff coming at later points.  I have BAs in Asian Studies and (general-ish) History from a US college and an MA in Gender Studies (gender and transnational feminism with a focus on the Middle East/North Africa ‘region’) from SOAS, University of London.  My general reluctance to write on the internet hasn’t gone away despite my doing it.  When I need to get away from sociopolitics, I turn to space, yarnwork, nature, drug science, and videos of animals in embarrassing situations.  If I could have a superpower, it would either be complete fluency in every language on the planet, or psychokinesis, because I’m lazy.

Jeff –  Hi, I’m Jeff.  I’m 30 years old, from West/Central Texas, and I dropped out of college after 3 months.  I was in the US Air Force for about 7 years, then got out and went to work on electrical equipment for corporate behemoths in the States.  I’m trying to move to Europe so I can find a quiet place in a country that doesn’t make me sick and just live the rest of my life in a log cabin.   In the mean time, I spend my days being a gloomy gus on the internet and reading things to try and expand my worldview.  Along with EDB, I wanted to start this blog because even when people are right about some things, they’re always missing some key element of Correctness, hence the Fivefold Path.  If I could have a superpower, it’d be to smash the Patriarchy.  Or maybe it’d just be a sweet utility belt like Batman.

*Non-technical posts by the blog admin are either credited guest posts (with links when available) or collaborative efforts between EDB and Jeff.

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  1. emiy permalink
    9 January 2012 23:16

    EDB- No way!!! My name is also Emily, I was also born in ’85, and I also grew up in a Republican family in the Midwest. AND, I’m also a converted atheist, feminist, socialist etc. Finally, I also love me a good embarrassing animal vid. Crazy stuff!!

    I came over here from Fannie’s Room, where I regularly like your rad comments :) Keep up the awesomeness my friend!

    • 10 January 2012 12:28

      Haha, hello, all-those-things twin! Thanks for the compliments! I hope we can indeed keep up the awesomeness.

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